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Ohio State Pensions (STRS, OPERS, SERS)

Participating in a State Pension Plan can be one of the best retirement planning tools available.  With automatic enrollment, employer matching and state backing,  these plans can be very rewarding but also confusing at times. If you are an employee of the Ohio State University or other schools, cities or municipalities, you need to educate yourself on how the system works and your options to maximize your benefits.

Retirement Strategies, Ltd.  has provided education and advice to state employees for over 30 years with an expertise on State pension systems line STRS, OPERS & SERS) as well as support for supplemental retirement plans. Like 403(b) and 457.  

  • New Employees - Decision making on traditional benefits vs. (ARP) alternative retirement plan.
  • Retiring Employees - Decisions on pension benefit options including income options, (PLOP) partial lump-sum optional payments, vacation time, health care, credit buy-back evaluation, 403(b) plans, 457(b) plans and much more.
  • All Employees - Long term financial independence planning for accurate analysis and retire with confidence.

Let us help you analyze your options and decide which plans are best for you.

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