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403(B) & 457(B) Plan Advice


In addition to state or other private pension plans that are available to you though your employer,  you may also have access to supplemental retirement savings plans like 40(3) and 457 plans. Similar to a 401(k) these plans, provided through your employer, are excellent ways to save for retirement.  If you are an employee of the Ohio State University or other schools, cities or municipalities, you may have multiple options available to you with various ways to maximize your contributions.

Retirement Strategies, Ltd. has provided education and advice to state employees for over 30 years regarding State Pension options as well as support for supplemental retirement plans. Like 403(b) and 457.  

For Ohio State Employees, recently you have seen a change in your 403(b) options and we know that it can be confusing as to how to reallocate your contributions going forward, which plans provide the best value, what to do with the old assets and how to compliment these accounts your other investments including IRAs and Brokerage accounts.

Let us help you analyze your options and decide which plans are best for you.

A Look at Diversification

A Look at Diversification

Diversification is an investment principle designed to manage risk, but it can't prevent against a loss.