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RS Tax & Accounting Services, Inc.

RS Tax & Accounting Services, Inc. provides tax and accounting services to both individuals and businesses. They give the same attention to all clients, no matter how large or small. The accounting, tax preparation, and other financial services they provide are tailored to the unique needs of each client. They are well informed and continually adapt to the ever changing world of tax law and accounting.

RS Tax & Accounting Services, Inc. treats clients with courtesy and integrity. They guarantee efficient, honest tax service. Their years of experience and notable expertise ensure that your tax preparation is in good hands.

Jerry Snyder, Jay Lindner and Jeffrey Foster are passive owners of RS Tax & Accounting Services, Inc..

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RS Tax and Accounting Services, Inc.

Retirement Strategies, Ltd. is a registered investment adviser and does not provide tax and accounting services.

* Retirement Strategies, Ltd., RS Tax & Accounting Services, Inc., and Golowin Legal, LLC & The Griffin-Lantz Insurance Agency, LLC. are each separate unaffiliated businesses serving clients in their own respective areas of expertise. Owners of Retirement Strategies, Ltd. are also minority owners of RS Tax & Accounting Services, Inc. In no way are any of these service providers liable for the acts of the others. This marketing piece is only intended to show that three of the four companies are located at one address and can and often do work together for common clients. The Griffin-Lantz Insurance Agency, LLC is located in another building approximately 1 mile away. Clients may work with only one or all of the companies if desired. Retirement Strategies, Ltd. is a Registered Investment Adviser.

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