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Investment Management


We are committed to the development of a long-term wealth management strategy based on the generally accepted principles of asset allocation. Our focus aims to balance risk and reward by selecting a portfolio's assets according to an individual's goals, risk tolerance and investment time horizon. We will reach a mutual agreement with each client for their accounts, overall portfolio and implement a diversified investment strategy based upon their retirement objectives.


Our approach to managing client accounts is to control downside volatility in the investments we select. Our portfolios use actively managed mutual funds to implement a wealth management strategy for our clients. In addition, exchange traded funds (ETF) are used to develop a core index holding and commodity strategy for client's accounts. Individual securities (stocks or bonds) may also be utilized at the client request or to hold individual positions they have transferred in, particularly to avoid incurring large taxable gains.


We continuously monitor our client's accounts and make adjustments as necessary based on significant changes in weightings of asset classes, investment goals, changes in risk tolerance or time-frame for investing. We invest in a manner that takes into consideration tax-efficiency and minimization of expenses.

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