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For Employers - Provide Financial Wellness to your Employees

Financial Wellness Benefits Everyone Involved

Financial Wellness Benefits Everyone Involved

From the Employer, shareholders, employees and their families, everyone can benefit from a sound and well implimented Financial Wellness Program.

Creative Ways to Motivate Your Employees

Creative Ways to Motivate Your Employees

Five creative (and inexpensive) ideas for motivating your employees.


While we all acknowledge that there is a need for financial education resources for our employees, most current resources like EAP plans or 401(k) platforms do not go far enough.  We at Retirement Strategies feel we have a better way.

For over 30 years, Retirement Strategies has been committed to worksite financial education.  We feel a sound financial plan is not only for the wealthy or well-connected but should be available for everyone. Along with your current 401(k) platform and our free 501(C)3 COPEC Financial Wellness Education, we provide personalized financial planning to each employee through our “RS WealthBuilder”system.  This program provides support and advice to each employee at a very low cost to the employee and no cost to the employer.  Investment Advice, Financial Independence Analysis and Critical Life Event coverage are just some of the areas we cover in this comprehensive service.  All advice is fee based with no product sales pressure.

Regardless of your company’s budget for financial wellness programs, if you would like to learn more about how you can provide innovative ways to provide truly impactful financial wellness resources for your employees,  we can help.  


Our flagship low cost personalized employee financial planning system – For proactive financial planning.

Retirement Strategies believes that basic financial advice and guidance should be available to all individuals regardless of income or status.  Over the years through our experiences, we have become more and more concerned that the most vulnerable financially are the ones that do not seek out this support on their own.  This is why we created the “RS WealthBuilder” Employee Planning program.  Through an employer or one-on0one basis, we are able to implement an personalized planning program that is affordable to the employee while potentially at no cost to the employer.

Our “RS WealthBuilder” may be provided at no cost to the employer and tied closely together with our other 2 principles of creating a sound financial wellness platform (Education & Critical Life Event coverage).   All employers providing payroll deduction will also qualify for Critical Life Event Support at no additional cost.

When implementing the “RS WealthBuilder” program, each employee is provided the opportunity to opt-in to receive personal planning advice where an assigned advisor will meet with and guide the employee in reaching their financial goals.  The entire “RS WealthBuilder” system is provided for only $250 annually paid by the employee and if the employer wishes to subsidize at any level, they may do so.

Each employee will meet annually with an advisor on-site or web based to review their goals, create an entry level plan, review budget and much more.  Over multiple years of this form of proactive planning, we are confident that each employee will achieve a better financial situation and more likely to be better prepared for a successful retirement.

To learn more about our RS WealthBuilder financial planning program, Click HERE.

RS Wealth Builder

RS Wealth Builder

RS Wealth Builder - Affordable, Independent & Personalized Financial Coaching, Planning & Advice for Employees ($250)