RS Wealth Builder - Financial Wellness for Employees

An affordable Financial Coaching program designed to help people strengthen their finances today & through retirement.

What is the RS Wealth Builder?

RS WealthBuilder is an entry level planning process to empower individuals to take control of their finances. Regardless of your situation or finances,  everyone should have access to a financial advisor who looks at your entire picture with a comprehensive view, not just your 401(k) or individual investments.  Don’t let time, high fees or typical product sales pressure keep you from getting control of your finances and well on your way to reaching retirement successfully and other financial goals.

What do you get? 

You will receive the tools, support, and professional counsel (up to 6 hours of quality time per year) from one of our highly trained and competent financial advisors. At $250 a year, the “RS WealthBuilder” is designed to provide an inexpensive way to help clients identify & achieve their financial goals over time. Each individual’s situation is different, so the advice and plan offered is tailored to meet your needs. There is no sales pitch!!!! We are committed to providing education, advice and a financial roadmap to help move you forward. 

Getting started 

It all starts with an initial e-mail or call to determine goals and set expectations. By the end of the call you will understand how the RS WealthBuilder program works, know what information is needed to get started and date of your initial meeting. Meetings can be held at Location TBD, over the phone, and even via Skype. 

Additionally, all RS WealthBuilder clients will receive unlimited call-in and email support, regular check-ins from their personal financial expert, their own personalized financial plan, 401k allocation advice, review of legal documents, and much more. 

  • Cost: $250 annually (Cancel at any time, no long term commitment, no required product sales)

To learn more about our RS WealthBuilder financial planning program, Click HERE to be contacted by one of our advisors.